Wedding Venue

Good Medicine Trail Lodge provides…

  • A concrete patio of 29’ by 58’ available for dancing
  • Two bedrooms available in lodge for rent for family and for bride and groom for wedding night. Pool table, hot tub, and light breakfast!
  • Unlimited parking area
  • Camping
  • 1 ½ fridges and covered stations with tables are provided outside for your preparation feasts
  • 2 large coolers (bring your own ice please)
  • Creek flowing through property
  • 2 fields—freshly cut upper and lower areas of lawn
  • Countless Photo Opportunities
  • Campfire
  • Long rustic benches for sitting at ceremony or at dance
  • Rustic signs announcing ceremony, parking, reception, etc.
  • Barnwood frame for your menu and photo collection
  • 120 green, amber, and clear cut wine bottles for available for your decor (tea lights not included)
  • Removal of bagged garbage
  • Natural materials on-site (evergreens, moss, ferns, etc. for your decor)

There are splendid homes nearby for rent and endless vacation opportunities in the Mission Valley.